Newvelle Muri - 2019 Vinyl Subscription

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Newvelle Records is proud to partner with music impresario Stephan Diethelm to present Newvelle Muri, a vinyl box set composed of six live concert recordings from the famed "Musig im Pflegidach" series. Newvelle Muri combines the exceptional quality of Newvelle Records with a distinctive Muri style. In these live recordings, listeners will find tracks skew a little longer and emphasize freedom in the groove.

Newvelle Muri members will receive receive six, 180 gram vinyl records shipped every six weeks beginning February, 2019.

Newvelle Muri Artists:

  • Gilad Hekselman featuring Aaron Parks and Kendrick Scott
  • Nadje Noordhuis Quintet featuring Maeve Gilchrist, Jesse Lewis, Ike Sturm and James Shipp
  • Eric Harland
  • FORQ feat. Henry Hey, Chris McQueen, Kevin Scott & Jason "JT" Thomas
  • Marta Gómez and Andres Rotmistrovsky Duo
  • Gadi Lehavi feat. Romeu Tristão & Daniel Dor


Gilad Hekselman - Zuperoctave
Gilad Hekselman - Zuperoctave


Album and box set artwork is provided by Marilyn Clark. Constantly exploring the world around her, artist-photographer Clark has established her place in the music industry through her powerful portraits and alluring artworks. Her undeniable understanding of light and intuitive eye are the driving forces behind her striking images.

In place of traditional liner notes, Newvelle Muri features “Drifting Clouds,” a short story in six parts written by author Michel Mettler.

“Before there were only isolated moments of touch: seas of fog and morning light, timbres, sounds, grooves, foehn windows in May and a fascination for single notes pearling over an evenly playing rhythm section: islands of contentment in a field you cannot oversee.”

— Excerpt of “Drifting Clouds” by Michel Mettler
Translated from German by Catherine Schelbert










Aaron Parks, Gilad Hekselman and Kendrick Scott
Eric Harland
Nadja Noordhuis
Henry Hey, Kevin Scott, Chris McQueen & Jason ”JT” Thomas
Andres Rotmistrovsky & Stephan Diethelm
Marta Gomez & Andres Rotmistrovsky
Gadi Lehavi
Daniel Dor and Romeu Tristão