Newvelle Muri

Newvelle Muri - One Record Shipped Every Two Months in 2019

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Newvelle Records is proud to be partnering with Stephan Diethelm to present Newvelle Muri, a box set composed of six live concerts from the famed "Musig im Pflegidach" series recorded in 2018 and released as exclusively on vinyl in 2019. This is Newvelle's first release of live music and we are very excited to have the music impresario Stephan Diethelm curating this series from the unique haven that he's built for artists in the mountains of Switzerland. Artists include Gilad Hekselman, Nadia Noordhuis, Eric Harland, and more.

Newvelle Muri members will receive receive six, 180 gram vinyl records shipped every other month beginning February, 2019.







Aaron Parks, Gilad Hekselman and Kendrick Scott
Eric Harland
Nadja Noordhuis
Henry Hey, Kevin Scott, Chris McQueen & Jason ”JT” Thomas
Andres Rotmistrovsky & Stephan Diethelm
Marta Gomez & Andres Rotmistrovsky
Gadi Lehavi
Daniel Dor and Romeu Tristão