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Live Recording Sessions

Live Recording Sessions

In the studio, heads bow not in prayer but in another sort of reverence: a close listen to the tracks the musicians just laid down. Sometimes accompanied by a glass of wine, listening back is one of the most crucial elements of studio recordings. 

This past April, we invited Newvelle Members to go behind the scenes in the studio and witness the recording process first hand for Newvelle's first Live Recording Session. Being welcomed into the sacred space of a live studio while the musicians recorded was truly unforgettable. With incredible musicianship on display, listening in on the recordings was a blend between a private concert and being granted access to an artists' sketchbook. Following the recordings, Newvelle audio engineer Marc Urselli led a master class while he began to mix some of the newly recorded tracks. 

Attendees also received the perfect keepsake of their day—a one of a kind, hand-cut, mastered lacquer. Being a Newvelle member is about more than receiving vinyl records in the mail—though that may be our favorite part. It's about being part of a community of music lovers that care about creating space for music to thrive.

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