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It’s a bit like Oz...

It’s a bit like Oz...

Newvelle Records is proud to be working with Quality Record Pressings to press Season Four vinyl. Newvelle Executive Producers Jessica Schilling and Eric Scace​ visited the plant, and Jessica shared with us her experience:

“Tucked into an ordinary town in the middle of Kansas is a wonderland for anyone who appreciates good music. Even if you don’t know it, you probably already have some of Quality Record Pressings’ work on your shelves; their archive of previous work spans essential albums in genres from classical to classic rock and everything in between, all manufactured with an impeccable eye for detail.

QRP is the brainchild of Louisiana native Chad Kassem, who came to Kansas in the 80s and stayed on after his record-collecting hobby grew into an international mail-order business, Acoustic Sounds, sourcing archive audiophile vinyl...But it’s the record pressing plant, nearing its tenth birthday, that’s the real gem for Newvelle members: There may be a few dozen pressing plants operating in the world as vinyl enjoys a renaissance, but the standard of quality necessary to do Newvelle artists’ work justice is a rare find. 

It’s a beautifully maintained wonderland for anyone into vintage sound tech or vintage machinery, but, more importantly, it’s full of devoted pros who are fully committed to maintaining the vision of the musicians and transforming it into a physical artifact of the highest quality. Drop the needle on a QRP record and you can hear every bit of work that went into it, from plating the masters, to pressing and inspecting each individual record, to packaging and sending to listeners — who will, no doubt, be very happy.”

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