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What’s New

Newvelle Online Listening Sessions

RSVP Zoom links are sent the morning of each session to RSVP list. Late arrivals can email to be admitted.  In our latest listening session series, Newvelle Records co...
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Douglas & Mehler

Season Five brings Newvelle co-founder Elan Mehler from behind the scenes to in front of a piano as he joins forces with the pioneering trumpeter Dave Douglas. Together, the two artists composed a...
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The Gospel of Carmen Staaf

          As far as I can tell, everyone who hears Carmen Staaf play piano becomes an evangelist of her music. Hearing Carmen’s music makes you want to run outside, grab someone by the shoulders, ...
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Who is Pablo Ablanedo

Almost twenty years ago, Pablo Ablanedo led an octet of New York musicians that is absolutely remarkable in retrospect. It’s almost inconceivable. Every musician in this band would go on to stellar...
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Live Recording Sessions

In the studio, heads bow not in prayer but in another sort of reverence: a close listen to the tracks the musicians just laid down. Sometimes accompanied by a glass of wine, listening back is one o...
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