Newvelle Records Season 2

Second Season - Full Box Set Now Available

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Our second series of records features artwork by the incredible French photo collective Tendance Floue. Includes box set designed by Antoine Leroux.

  • John Patitucci Trio featuring Yotam Silberstein and Rogerio Boccato
  • Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke Duo
  • Jon Cowherd Quartet, featuring Steve Cardenas, Tony Scherr and Brian Blade
  • Chris Tordini Trio, featuring Becca Stevens and Greg Ruggerio
  • Aruán Ortiz Solo Piano, revisiting the music of great Cuban Classical composers
  • Rufus Reid Trio with Steve Allee and Duduka Da Fonseca, featuring the Sirius Quartet



We are enormously excited to be collaborating with Tendance Floue for the 2017 season of Newvelle Records.  Tendance Floue is a Paris based collective of fourteen photographers formed in 1991.  Forever exploring the world against the grain of a westernized image, revealing the hidden side of exposed issues, capturing unique moments.  Beyond their individual approaches, the fourteen photographers, in a collective spirit, have launched into a photographic adventure of a different order, all-encompassing and akin to performance. 

Photographers : Pascal Aimar, Thierry Ardouin, Denis Bourges, Jérôme Brézillon, Gilles Coulon, Olivier Culmann, Grégoire Eloy, Mat Jacob, Caty Jan, Philippe Lopparelli, Meyer, Bertrand Meunier, Flore-Aël Surun, Patrick Tourneboeuf, Alain Willaume.


The JP3: Rogerio Boccato, John Patitucci and Yotam Silberstien | ©Jordan Kleinman
The JP3: Rogerio Boccato, John Patitucci and Yotam Silberstein | ©Jordan Kleinman


Becca Stevens | ©Jordan Kleinman
Becca Stevens | ©Jordan Kleinman


John Patitucci - Irmãos de Fé
Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke - Hope
Jon Cowherd Quartet - Gateway
Chris Tordini - Midnight Sun
Aruán Ortiz - Cuban Nocturne
Rufus Reid - Terrestrial Dance
Tendance Floue
John Patitucci - Irmãos de Fé
Newvelle Records Season 2
Newvelle Records Season 2