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Newvelle Volume One

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  1. “Last Night When We Were Young” – Frank Kimbrough
  2. “Aziza” – Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke
  3. “There in a Dream” – Steve Cardenas (previously unreleased)
  4. This I Ask of You – Rufus Reid


  1. “Pony Express” – Ben Allison
  2. “Olha Maria” – John Patitucci
  3. “Vanishing Point” – Skúli Sverrisson with Bill Frisell
  4. “Cosmic Church” – Leo Genovese
  5. “If I Should Lose You” – Don Friedman (previously unreleased)

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Why is vinyl back? I believe sound quality on vinyl is better than digital—warmer, bigger, more present. But it’s not the sound quality that is driving this resurgence. Today, music is everywhere. It's ubiquitous and inescapable. You want to hear something new? Here’s a stream, a river, a flood. Its both intangible and overwhelming. Everywhere and nowhere. The rise of vinyl is the corollary response. A calculated tempering of our relationship to music. A return to the real.

I’ve long felt there was a “New York Sound” that wasn’t often associated with New York. A sound resolutely and fundamentally melodic, lyrical and romantic. Not romantic in a gauzy emotional or saccharine way but rather in the sense of dramatic narrative. Music that takes you on a journey. Transportive, raw, physical and present—that was the music of New York that I thought sometimes got lost in the pyrotechnics, chatter and machismo of the scene and the sound that I first wanted to represent on Newvelle Records.

Newvelle members are building a model that allows for creative risks to be taken by some of the great musicians of our time. All Newvelle Records are recorded at the highest level, and the musicians retain complete ownership over the digital rights to the music. In return we ask for a two year window where the music is only available on vinyl as part of a box set of records. Each year we release a “season” of 6 connected records, pairing the musicians with celebrated artists, writers and poets. We are building a community of enthusiasts who want to hear this music in the best possible presentation and who support a model where no corners are cut sonically or artistically.

Vinyl is answering a question that the music industry didn't see coming; "How do I reconnect with recorded music?" This record, I hope, serves as a peek at who we are and what we’re up to. I am often floored with gratitude when I think of all the musicians and artists that have taken this leap with us and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve brought into the world together so far.

– Elan Mehler, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Newvelle Records


“Last Night When We Were Young”   Season One   from Frank Kimbrough’s Meantime
Featuring Andy Zimmerman—Tenor Sax, Riley Mulherkar—Trumpet, Frank Kimbrough—Piano, Christ Van Voorst Van Beest—Bass, R.J. Miller—Drums

“Aziza”   Season Two   from Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke’s Hope
Featuring Kevin Hays—Piano and Lionel Loueke—Guitar

“There in a Dream”   Season Three   Previously unreleased track from Steve Cardenas’ Charlie and Paul
Featuring Steve Cardenas—Guitar, Loren Stillman—Alto Saxophone, Thomas Morgan—Bass, Matt Wilson—Drums

“This I Ask of You”   Season Two   from Rufus Reid’s Terrestrial Dance
Featuring Rufus Reid—Bass, Steve Allee—Piano, Duduka Da Fonseca—Drums, and the Sirius Quartet with Fung Chern Hwei—Violin, Gregor Huebner—Violin, Ron Lawrence—Viola, Jeremy Harman—Cello

“Pony Express”   Season One   from Ben Allison’s Quiet Revolution
Featuring Ben Allison—Bass, Ted Nash—Tenor Saxophone, Steve Cardenas—Guitar

“Olha Maria”   Season Two   from John Patitucci’s Irmãos de Fé
Featuring John Patitucci—Bass, Yotam Silberstein—Guitar, Rogério Boccato—Drums and Percussion

“Vanishing Point”   Season Three   from Skúli Sverrison with Bill Frisell’s Strata Featuring Skúli Sverrisson—Electric Bass and Bill Frisell—Guitar

“Cosmic Church”   Season One   from Leo Genovese’s Argentinosaurus
Featuring Leo Genovese—Piano, Esperanza Spalding—Bass, Jack DeJohnette—Drums

“If I Should Lose You”   Season One   Previously unreleased track from Don Friedman’s Strength and Sanity
Featuring Don Friedman—Piano