Live Recording Sessions

Kim Cass, Noah Preminger and Elan Mehler


One day in the studio.
One hand-cut, mastered lacquer.


Experience a live studio recording session at the heart of Newvelle, Eastside Sound in New York City. You’ll witness firsthand the creation of a completely new project and partake in a recording master class with Marc Urselli, Grammy Award–winning mixing and recording engineer.

This year’s Live Recording Sessions are helmed by label head Elan Mehler’s Trio. Following the day in the studio, every participant will receive one hand-cut lacquer sent to them of the fully mastered tracks recorded that day. Not available for sale, these lacquer are each hand-cut by Newvelle’s mastering engineer in a delicate process that etches the audio-signal-modulated groove onto the surface of a special lacquer-coated disc.

Take advantage of this limited opportunity to join world-class musicians in the studio as they create a truly singular record.


Eastside Sound is an intimate studio in the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side. Space is very limited—only a handful of participants will be able to attend each session.

Each Live Recording Session is $2,000 per participant and includes:

  • Attendance at one Live Recording Session at Eastside Sound in NYC
  • One hand-cut lacquer of the day’s recording
  • Recording, mixing, and mastering master class by Marc Urselli, Grammy Award-winning mixing and recording engineer
  • Catered meals, snacks, and wine reception


9am - 10am: Catered breakfast.
10am - 2pm: Musicians record and guests either join in the control room or in the live room with headphones where they can see the action up close and hear everything the musicians are hearing.
2pm - 3pm: Catered lunch with the musicians.
3pm - 4pm: Marc Urselli, Grammy Award–winning mixing and recording engineer master-class.
Marc will give an hour demonstration describing what happens in a mixing session with examples of rough mixes, mixes, and masters played through his world class ADAM monitors.
4pm - 8pm: Marc will mix the record with input from the musicians and guests. Wine reception and light hors d’oeuvres.



Upcoming Dates

2019 Live Record Sessions are now complete. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us! To be the first to hear about upcoming Live Recording Sessions, please email us.






Marc Urselli and Lou Holtzman (owner East Side Sound) | ©Paul Yanshyshyn