We are enormously excited to present John Patitucci's record Irmãos de Fé. This record is a love letter to the music of Brazil, watch a bit of the video to hear John talking about how the album came together, his long history with the music of Brazil and a bit on blasting Trane on his record player as a teenager in Brooklyn! Featuring Yotam Silberstein and Rogério Boccato.


“Twins” is a composition of Lionel Loueke’s from Kevin Hays’ and Lionel’s record Hope, part of our Second Season of releases due out in June. There’s a commonality of intention and inspiration here. A search for—or rather, a reliance upon—something beneath the surface. An amazing synergy here, between two complete masters on their instruments.


Jon Cowherd, Steve Cardenas, Tony Scherr and Brian Blade interpret all new compositions of Jon and Brian on this Second Season release Gateway, due out in July 2017. This is Jon’s piece “Bronco Braun,” to be listened to loudly and with great joy!


This heartbreaking rendition of “My Funny Valentine” is from Chris Tordini’s Second Season record Midnight Sun. Featuring Greg Ruggerio on guitar and Becca Stevens on vocals along with Chris on bass.


Arúan Ortiz comes full circle, taking on music from the classical Cuban repertoire with his Second Season release Cuban Nocturne. “I wanted to tackle these pieces from a different angle, they are written very clean—like Mozart. This music is written so completely that it doesn’t really lend itself to improvisation. I wanted to very carefully add embellishments without changing the character of the piece but using the same vocabulary.” Its hard not to see a deeper thread in this record. Not composer vs. interpretation or improviser vs. performer or modernity vs. history—there’s something that resonates as an aggregate of a life lived in music…


Listen to Rufus Reid talk about the place of vinyl and listening in the world today and hear a bit of his stunning release Terrestrial Dance. Featuring Steve Allee on Piano and Duduka Da Fonseca on drums and the incredible Sirius Quartet. Rufus wrote some incredible music and arrangements for this one, this tune is called “This I Ask of You.”


We will forever be grateful to Frank Kimbrough for being our inaugural Newvelle Recording artist, and making this striking record. This is an iridescent version of Kurt Weil's classic "Alabama Song" featuring Andrew Zimmerman on Sax, Chris Van Voorst van Beest on bass, and RJ Miller on Drums.


Jack DeJohnette’s stunning piece “Ode to Satie” was written especially for his first solo piano record Return, exclusively available on our first season of records.


“Semenzato,” is a haunting, cyclical original of Noah’s that fully shows off this all-star band. Check out John Patitucci’s masterful solo. From our First Season record Some Other Time featuring Ben Monder on guitar, John Patitucci on bass and the legendary Billy Hart on drums.


This track, “Strength and Sanity”, written by the brilliant composer and trumpeter Booker Little, was first recorded in 1960 by Booker’s sextet which featured Eric Dolphy, Max Roach and Don Friedman on the piano. The album, Out Front, was recorded the same year of Booker’s death at the age of 23. These tunes, although known to some jazz musicians, are sort of lost masterpieces. As far as I know, Don, hadn’t revisited these songs in the 57 years since he had recorded them. They are inventive, modern and brilliant compositions and Don and his trio of Phil Palombi and Shinnosuke Takahashi played them with reverence and attitude. This is the title track, performed solo by Don, from their record Strength and Sanity released as part of our First Season set. This was Don’s last studio album, he passed away in May of 2016.


“Pony Express” is a tune of Jimmy Giuffre’s, as the first part of his “Western Suite.” This rendition is from the First Season recording “Quiet Revolution,” dedicated to the music of Jim Hall and Jimmy Giuffre and featuring Ben Allison, Ted Nash and Steve Cardenas.


“Chacarera Y Mas” is a song with music written by Leo Genovese to lyrics written by the great Argentinian guitarist Ica Novo. The effortless way this band slips into the open solo section is indicative of the nature of this session. The empathetic nature of this band is stunning. From Argentinosaurus, the final record in our First Season set.


Videos shot by Jim Hoppin and Sarah Enid Hagey. Editing by Ben Chace.