Each year Newvelle records and releases six records exclusively on vinyl and with curated artwork and literature. The Newvelle model treats musicians right and uses the full available canvas of vinyl to make a unique and beautiful box set.


Kendrick Scott | ©Anna Yatskevich

Kendrick Scott | ©Anna Yatskevich



How does one become a Newvelle Member?

There are two ways to become a Newvelle Member:

  • Purchase a subscription to the current season. A season includes 6 LPs. You will receive all the records which have already been released at the time of your order, and the remaining records will be shipped once every two months until the end of the year.
  • Purchase a full box set of one of the previous seasons.

Currently available seasons can be found here.

Please note: Season Two and Season Three of Newvelle are currently completely out of stock. You can place a reservation to get your copy as soon as the season is back in stock.


Can I buy an individual LP?

Our records are only available as part of a six record box set. This model relies on a passionate community of members who commit to an entire season, allowing Newvelle to continue supporting musicians with each new season. Each season is a collector’s item that offers the opportunity to discover extraordinary artists and new records.


How long will it take to receive my first shipment?

Orders for complete box sets from past seasons are shipped within a couple of days after you place your order.

Orders for the current season will depend on new releases.
If you pre-order the most current season, you can anticipate a new vinyl every other month beginning in February. You will receive an email notification when we release the new record.
If you subscribe mid-season, you will receive all vinyl released before the date of your order immediately and receive the remaining records as they are released.

Shipping times vary worldwide, please allow for 10 business days for your order to arrive.


Can I hear some samples?

Even better, you can hear and watch videos of full tracks of our musicians recording in the studio on our Listen page.


One of my LPs arrived damaged, what can I do?

The quality of your collection is important to us. If there are any damages when you receive an LP, please email customer support a info@newvelle-records.com and we will fix the problem immediately so that you can enjoy your LPs the way they’re meant to be.


Where do you ship from? Will I have to pay any customs duties?

Seasons Four and Five and the New Orleans Collection ship from the US.
Season One and Newvelle Muri ship from France.

Canadian residents are typically charged a customs fee from the customs office in order to receive their package.