RECORD STORE DAY   All individual records $50 all box sets $300
Greg Tardy with Executive Producer Blair Reeve working on Season Four

You make the music happen.

Most of the great classical musicians wrote their masterpieces when commissioned by popes and kings. At Newvelle Records, it’s our community of loyal members that funds the breathtaking works by the artists we produce. Executive Producers go the extra mile, personally supporting individual artists and groups in each season.

There is only one Executive Producer for each record. Label co-founders JC Morisseau and Elan Mehler meet with each Executive Producer before commencing a partnership and work closely with Executive Producers to ensure the successful completion of the record.

“By halfway through day one, I was so blissed out on their interactive abstractions, I was completely won over, and a bit speechless. JC was right to describe the experience of being in the studio as one of humility and reverence when in the presence of such masters. Professional musicians always astound me; there’s something very deep and compassionate in their eyes that makes you really admire the sheer commitment to their art.”

— Blair Reeve, Executive Producer of Greg Tardy-Bill Frisell



Become a Producer

Executive Producers have the opportunity to :

  • Attend the studio recording at Eastside Sound in NYC
  • Be an integral part of bringing this music to the world
  • Provide input on design and artist choices from the beginning of the process to the completed set
  • Receive a vinyl test pressing sent from our pressing plant
  • Receive a one-of-a-kind, hand-cut lacquer made by our mastering engineer, Alex DeTurk
  • Be credited on the record
  • Attend a live show in NYC featuring Newvelle label alumni
  • Receive a full early-edition Season Five Membership Box Set shipped at the beginning of the season



Past Executive Producers

When we came up with the idea of Newvelle Records, we were making a bet that there is an untapped community of music enthusiasts that could sustain a model that cuts no corners sonically or aesthetically and treats the musicians right. Over the past three years we’ve been amazed and humbled by the level of excitement and warmth from people the world over.

We would like extend a special thank you to the following Executive Producers:

- Diane and Craig Martin

- Blair Reeve

- Jessica Schilling and Eric Scace

- Steve Satterfield