Newvelle Muri
Box Set

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Newvelle Records is enormously proud to present Newvelle Muri, a special edition vinyl collection recorded live at Musig im Pflegidach in the alpine village of Muri, Switzerland.

Curated by heralded music impresario Stephan Diethelm, this collection contains six, 180 gram LPs of beautifully recorded live music, uniquely available on vinyl.


Eyes of the World – Gilad Hekselman
ft. Aaron Parks & Kendrick Scott

Gullfoss – Nadje Noordhuis Quintet
ft. Maeve Gilchrist, Jesse Lewis, Ike Sturm, & James Shipp

Supa Nova – Eric Harland

Aargau – FORQ
ft. Henry Hey, Chris McQueen, Kevin Scott & Jason "JT" Thomas

Un Silencio Que Llegó de Lejos – Marta Gómez & Andres Rotmistrovsky Duo

Wishes – Gadi Lehavi
ft. Romeu Tristão & Daniel Dor

This young group of musicians represents the absolute pinnacle of the art form, captured impeccably in the midst of creation. Sustained by the energy of the live performances, these tracks lean more into the beat than traditional Newvelle studio recordings.

Newvelle Muri is pressed, mixed and mastered to our exacting standards by the same team that brings you the standard Newvelle seasons. The box set features stunning original photography from Marilyn Clark and an essay series in six parts by acclaimed writer Michel Mettler.

Newvelle Muri - Box Set
Newvelle Muri - Box Set
Newvelle Muri - Box Set

Newvelle Muri - Box Set
Newvelle Muri - Box Set
Newvelle Muri - Box Set