Note from Marc Urselli, our 5-time nominated and 3-time Grammy Award winning recording and mixing engineer

Marc UrselliOur records are carefully recorded through extremely high quality and mostly vintage analog equipment by our experienced and accomplished staff of recording, mixing and mastering engineers.

Marc says:  “All our recordings are done at EastSide Sound in New York City where I use mostly vintage and some tube microphones, all analog and some tube pre-amps and all the inputs are run through and summed through an entirely analog console (a Harrison Series Ten B) that has no AD’s or DA’s anywhere. We strive to keep our signal chain as short and clean as possible. 

The medium of the recording is Pro Tools HDX with the latest HDX converters and we always record everything at 24bit 88.2kHz, never less than that. For mixdown I use uniquely the analog console, which is fully automated and digitally recallable so that we have the best of both worlds available: analog sound and digital automation and recall. This means we can save the mixdown files and moves of a mix but the sound is never converted to digital within the mixing console, which also serves as the summing. I use an analog spring reverb and on occasion a Lexicon 480 reverb. At no point do we use digital in-the-box summing.”

(photo of Marc Urselli ©William Semeraro)